Tailor made menu @ R220 per person excluding VAT

4 july

All platters will be glass, white ceramic and mirrors, with accents of red stripes and blue stars coming through to represent the Stars and Stripes of the American Flag.

Baked sticky buffalo chicken wings

Sticky American BBQ ribs garnished with sliced spring onions served with maple-chipotle sauce

Yummy mini chicken hotdogs with squiggles of tomato sauce and squeegee mustard spiked with colourful ball skewers

Spicy corn cakes with a zesty lime and avocado salsa served on a round mini plate and garnished with baby herbs

Funky Caprese skewer pops served on skewers and finished with basil pesto drizzle (v)

Lobster profiteroles topped with truffle oil mayonnaise and fresh chervil

Margarita pizza wedges served off wooden boards

Mini chicken taco topped with sour cream, chilli mango salsa served off fresh limes

Chilli prawns spiked with a knotted skewer served in a mini glass pot with coriander pesto

Mini cheese Burger served in bamboo boats spiked with a bamboo skewer

Dessert display

We will use different vases and stands incorporating the red, white and blue in the display

Cake stands filled with:

New York cheesecakes

Mini key lime pies

Mini pecan nut tarts

Large martini glasses with American chocolate brownies dusted with icing sugar

Vases filled with:

Red and white candy floss

Patriotic popcorn squares

Red, white and blue cake pops standing upright in boxes

Doughnuts piled high on cake stands

Breakfast Menu at R180 per person excluding VAT

Mini red, blue and white breakfast parfait drizzled with honey topped with freshly picked mint

Red, white and blue doughnuts piled high on cake stands

Mini pancake stackers on mini white saucers with mini jugs of maple syrup

Mini savoury waffle topped with bbq chicken and herb aioli

“Fruit stars” skewers standing upright

Bacon and egg pot pies with an “American flag”

Bagel with lox, cress and crème fraiche

Bacon and maple syrup skewer

Mini chilli corncake’s topped with chunky avocado salsa

Mini pecan pie topped with a dollop of cream dusted with icing sugar