The Achievement in Catering & Events (ACE) awards honor those who have worked tirelessly to keep their clients thrilled and their companies on the cutting edge. Each year, caterers and event planners from around the globe submit their best work from the past year in hopes of being recognized as the best in the industry. Catersource’s annual awards show, also including the ICA CATIE awards, took place in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace on February 19, 2018.

Each company submitted two events for ACE consideration. Here is a look at the two events that elevated By Word of Mouth in the category of finalist, International.

ONE: Wild, Wild West

“JP Morgan is one of the largest and most successful investment companies around the globe, and we’re privileged that they call on our event planning expertise for the VIP tent at their annual Corporate Challenge series, year after year,” said Karen Short, chairlady and founder, By Word of Mouth.

All photos courtesy of the caterer

“Organizing this event pushes us to be extremely creative, as we have to come up with unique elements that will surprise and delight our guests, many of whom have been attending for years. It’s crucial that we create something exceptional in South Africa to stand out from the rest,” she continued.

JP Morgan supplied the theme, “Wild West” and as with previous years, we had free reign to design the entire event. We’re all about details when it comes to curating the entire experience: from the very first moment our guests caught sight of the specially sourced red Bedouin tent that was reminiscent of a saloon, we wanted them to feel as if they had been transported straight into an authentic Western movie.

Costumes and catering go hand-in-hand: the BWOM staff

A stunning ‘chandelier installation’ custom-made out of straw hats hung above a bucking bronco, providing a dramatic talking point

Galvanized buckets were filled with ice cold “cowboy” beers

A variety of designer “cactus” cupcakes were served on wood carnival trays

The team struck gold when, after months of searching, they found a striking red Bedouin tent, which looked exactly like saloons of old. With its installation, guests were transported to a dusty one-horse town, with swinging saloon doors, giant cut-out cacti and the chance to spot a cowboy around every corner.

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