Plated Breakfast menu at R300 per person excluding VAT

Starters – Please select one option

Yoghurt panna cotta served with homemade granola and roasted strawberries topped with edible flowers and freshly picked mint

Gingered Strawberries with Greek yoghurt, melon, and pistachios topped with black sesame seeds and a swirl of honey

Individual granola tart with double thick yoghurt, pile of fresh berries and a swirl of honey garnished with edible flowers drizzled with a berry coulis

Breakfast parfait of yoghurt, homemade muesli and summer berry coulis served in a martini glass garnished with mint and served with fruit and nut biscotti

Wooden boards per table

Mini health muffins topped with pumpkin seeds

Mini apple cinnamon roses dusted with icing sugar

Homemade date balls

Main course plated – please select 1 option

Individual white Chinese bowls with Shashuka eggs garnished with Parmesan shavings and chopped herbs served with toasted ciabatta shards

Zucchini cakes topped with poached eggs and homemade hummus served with roasted vine tomatoes, drizzled with basil pesto

The ultimate breakfast bagel – topped with fried egg, red pepper pesto, rocket and tomato – (crispy bacon – optional)

Smoked salmon frittata topped with hot smoked salmon drizzled with a homemade cheese sauce and micro herbs

Smashed avocado on sour dough toast topped with roasted balsamic vine tomatoes, crumbled feta – (bacon shard – optional)

Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon, Hollandaise and mushroom skewers topped with fresh rocket

Freshly made corn cake topped with scrambled eggs and a drizzle of pesto topped with swirls of smoked salmon