Tailor made menu for Rugby world cup in Japan 2019 at R450 per person excluding vat

On arrival

Dry snacks displayed for guests to help themselves at R110 per person excluding vat


Dry wors

Peri-peri cashew nuts

Prawn crisps

Japanese dried pea snack

Japanese wasabi nuts

Deep-fried seaweed

Mini savoury rice cakes

Sesame coated peanuts

Canapés passed around on arrival on Japanese inspired plates

Mini pork bao buns served in mini Chinese steamers

Spicy beef “fortune cookies” with a cherry chilli sauce to dip, garnished with micro herbs

Vegetable dim sum served with a sesame soy dipping sauce

Panko prawn skewers served with a nim jam dressing

We will set up stations for guests to help themselves

Sushi station at R110 per person excluding vat

A selection of assorted gourmet sushi, this includes salmon, prawns, crab and vegetarian:

California rolls

Fashion sandwiches

Assorted handrolls



Accompanied by soy sauce, wasabi and sweet pickled ginger

Vases filled with chopsticks and piles of bamboo boats for guests to use

We will do an 8m long yakitori braai station for guests to help themselves – watch while the chef cooks your delicious yakitori skewers

Chicken and scallion yakitori

Beef yakitori

Lamb yakitori

Served with yakitori sauce

Interactive Japanese pancake “Okonomiyaki”

Large paella pan with Japanese pancake, topped with Japanese mayonnaise

Japanese Wok station

Fried from woks with an assortment of flavors combined to create the perfect take away Chinese box – (Chinese boxes will be quoted separately – or you can do rice bowls)

Served with toppings that include:

Chicken chow mein

Sesame beef fillet strips with mushroom and mange tout

Vegetable chow mein – we will do 10% vegetarian

Egg fried rice

Chilli noodles

Hoisen plum sauce

Chilli oil

Sesame soy dressing


Dessert display

Mini Japanese cheesecake topped with fresh berries

Green tea infused panna cotta dusted with praline and served with fresh seasonal fruit

Japanese doughnut

Mini amarula crème brulee topped with pistachio praline crust

Mini milktart profiterole dipped in chocolate