In light of the COVID-19 crisis, we thought we would take some time to encourage and assure you that we are taking the situation extremely seriously and are practicing the highest hygiene standards.

For many companies, the current obsession with hygiene is new, but for By Word of Mouth, this is, and always has been, common practice. We have ALWAYS taken extreme care to make sure that our staff, equipment, premises and ingredients are immaculately cleaned and sanitized to theĀ highest standards, so as to protect our clients over these last 27 years.

Our staff are fully trained in correct hygiene procedures across the board. We also have an external food safety consultant who monitors all areas of the business and sends swabs to an external laboratory. Their chemical provider is Hychem, which has set up an integrated cleaning, sanitizing and monitoring system, as well as processes that include a chemical regime. Laundry of all uniforms is done on site to ensure all staff wear clean, uncontaminated uniforms on every shift. All our chefs will also be supplied masks, goggles, and gloves. Our office spaces are sanitised regularly and our staff are supplied with sanitizer at all times. We will also be adhering to all self-isolation rules for traveling staff.

You can be assured that we are going to stand strong in the face of uncertainty and we will continue to offer the highest standard and quality of our food and services to create memorable experiences for everyone. While we take these drastic steps to protect not only ourselves but you, our customers, we ask that you continue to support us in these difficult times, where family-owned businesses and their employees are especially at risk.