What’s an event without the beautiful decor to go with it? It’s the exquisite flowers, lighting, backdrops, fabric, and more, that make any gathering, an event to remember!

From the latest styles and trends, here are 5 tips for choosing the best event decor.


  1. Work the space

Once you’ve found your dream venue, make sure to source decor that works for the shape, location (indoor/outdoor), space, and setting of your venue. Decor will influence the look & feel of any space, and help you customise your day to create something that will be remembered forever.


  1. Pick a theme

The tone, atmosphere, and theme of your event will be translated by the decor. If your event is at night, you will need more lighting. If you love floral, then patterns, flowers, and colours will be important. Make sure to pick your theme first and let the decor bring it to life.


  1. Stay on trend

If you envision an event that is relevant, trendy and unforgettable, look at the latest decor trends and styles. At By Word of Mouth, we are constantly adding to our decor division, sourcing beautiful pieces from trends around the world. Have a look at some of our favourite events here .


  1. Be colour conscious

Colours tell a story. Whether you choose to go pastel, bold, colourful, natural or monochrome, make sure to stick to a colour palette that works well together and one that can be easily executed through decor.

    1. Pay attention to the details

    No detail, too big or too small, should be overlooked, or out of place. Because in the end, beauty is in the detail. That’s where having a team of event coordinators & experts is important. So, why don’t you leave the details to us? We speak ‘event planning’.



    Is your Pinterest board overflowing with ideas and inspo? Can’t find that flower arch you saw on Instagram? Contact our expert team  at By Word of Mouth, and leave it up to us to transform your vision into the event of your dreams!