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The Gimlet The Gimlet is the ultimate applause for simplicity. Comprised of just three ingredients: gin (or vodka), lime, and simple syrup, this cocktail is incredibly easy to make and delicious! Ingredients: • 50ml Lime cordial or homemade lime syrup • 50ml Gin • Ice • Slice of Lime or edible flower to garnish To […]

Aside from being a fun and unexpected addition to the cocktail hour or reception, a specialty bar is also incredibly functional. By serving your special drinks at a separate bar, you’ll cut down on wait times at the main bars. Similarly, if your Aside from being a fun and unexpected addition to the cocktail hour […]

YOU ARE THE GIN TO MY TONIC! Last week on Wedding Wednesdays, Karen spoke about having interactive, signature and bespoke bars at your wedding. The G & T Bar is still on trend and an absolute hit with guests. South Africa has a vast variety of gorgeous craft gins, there are so many to choose […]

HAPPINESS IS REAL WHEN SHARED In a previous Wedding Wednesday message Karen discussed the importance of having unique and individual bars on your special day. Today we discuss the delicious Aperol Spritz. You can incorporate this on your Wedding Day as a welcome drink, a specialised bar or even a cute Tuk Tuk. A proper […]

EVERYTHING I BREW, I BREW FOR YOU! What do we want? Coffee! When do we want it? At our wedding reception! Karen spoke about specialized bars and individual drinks stations at your wedding. Not all of these have to be alcoholic, a coffee bar is a wonderful way to have a unique station. For a […]



What’s an event without the beautiful decor to go with it? It’s the exquisite flowers, lighting, backdrops, fabric, and more, that make any gathering, an event to remember! From the latest styles and trends, here are 5 tips for choosing the best event decor.   Work the space Once you’ve found your dream venue, make […]



At this year’s International Caterers Association’s Catersource 2020 conference in Las Vegas, we are honored to announce that we won two awards! Catie Award Best Catered Wedding and Catering International in the Achievement in Catering Events. These awards are international acknowledgment of our hard work and dedication that go into every event. Catercatersource and The Special Event we are greatful […]



In light of the COVID-19 crisis, we thought we would take some time to encourage and assure you that we are taking the situation extremely seriously and are practicing the highest hygiene standards. For many companies, the current obsession with hygiene is new, but for By Word of Mouth, this is, and always has been, […]



Whether it’s a wedding, year-end function, or festive celebration- we love every reason to plan an event! But, where do you start? We’re here to shed some light on one of the most important details- the food! Read through our quick guide on how to choose the perfect menu for your special event. It’s all […]